Midnight Skye – Find Fan Rebellion at the Palms!

Midnight Skye – Find Fan Rebellion at the Palms!

As you may have heard, Fan Rebellion is here to revolutionize the world of Las Vegas entertainment. 

We specialize in producing entertainment events and attractions in Las Vegas, and we’re bringing a new model of democratized funding of live entertainment.

We’ve got some exciting things happening, like our Midnight Skye show at the highly-anticipated and reopened Palms Casino Resort – this was recently featured in Las Vegas’ Weekly article, “LAS VEGAS’ LEGENDARY GHOSTBAR RELAUNCHES IN A FRESH FORM AT THE PALMS”

New Show Featured on Las Vegas Weekly

Palms Casino is welcoming back its favorite ghost.

The Ghostbar welcomed back guests on Wednesday atop the 55th floor of the Palms Casino Resort. The nightlife icon has reopened its doors in style, with a rooftop party and a funk-filled countdown toast.

Why is this important for Fan Rebellion, you might ask?

Now comes a full-on resurrection for the Fan Rebellion show, Midnight Skye, a live show starring Skye Dee Miles and featuring singers, dancers, specialty acts and more. This is being performed in its original form at the new Ghostbar on Fridays and Saturdays – the club’s busiest days.

The club is already receiving buzz, and we’re excited for what’s to come! You can check out our full feature in Las Vegas Weekly’s recent article for more information.

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