Fan Rebellion CEO Published in Rolling Stone Magazine

Fan Rebellion CEO Published in Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone is one of the most successful leaders in cultural conversation. For decades they have focused on defining coverage for music, politics, culture, and entertainment. As a fan-owned Las Vegas entertainment production company, being a contributor and highlighted is a pivotal moment in our business journey.

You can find the full text for “Cultivating a Less Corporate Approach to Live Entertainment”  here. 

Why Fan Rebellion is a Breath of Fresh Air to the Live Entertainment Industry.

FAN REBELLION is changing the way entertainment – and Vegas – is made. We are democratizing entertainment funding as the only “fan-owned live entertainment company” on the market.

Fan Rebellion is a unique entertainment company, one that allows shareholders to take part in the creative process of building a show! 

“At its core, entertainment is experimental. Innovation comes from pushing the envelope, and the road to entertainment success has always been paved with failure. There are exponentially more failed songs, movies and books than there are those that succeed. 

But most corporate models don’t allow for these necessary failures. They focus instead on pleasing the shareholders and venture capital firms, which often causes them to follow a formulaic approach that cuts the soul out of entertainment.” -Seth Yudof

Thank You For Your Time!

Las Vegas is home to some of the biggest, most popular shows on the planet, which generate BILLIONS of dollars in revenue. That’s why Fan Rebellion is diving in headfirst to provide the investment opportunity of a lifetime. (Source: Las Vegas Statistics) 

There is nothing fans love more than behind the scenes perks. The public will have the chance to gain access to behind-the-scenes experiences, discounts, and VIP opportunities every time they come to Vegas!

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